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This area shall show most of our equipment.
We have excavation equipment that ranges from 29 inches wide to 60 inches wide and have even larger equipment available.
We also have a 5 yard dump truck and a 39 inch wide rubber tracked dump truck.
The latter lets us transport loads over grass without leaving much sign of our passage.
All of the following images can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Our Yanmar B37


For more photos of our B37
Our Komatsu pc12uu


More Photos of our Komatsu pc12uu

Our Yanmar B37 and B50


One more photo of the two

Our International dump truck

Our International Dump Truck has a 5-8 yard box.
It is picture being off-load by our Yanmar B37

Our Komatsu pc03
And tracked dump truck

Ok, it is not the best shot of our tracked dump truck. But it shows way it is used. For it allows us to get into spots that a dump truck cannot. It is also light, and does not sink into the ground as a full sized dump truck would.

More photos of our Komatsu pc03
and tracked dump truck

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