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Basement Dig-out

On this job we dug under this home for a basement addition. On this job site, we also did other dig-out work for other additions too. We also re-graded the yard and demolished the driveway.

Horse Barn Dig-Out

This is a hillside dig out for a horse barn.

Rock Retaining Walls

For erosion protection, and landscaping needs.
We put in rock retaining walls and terraced the hillside.

Limited access
addition dig-outs

Our smaller equipment we have works very well for this type of job.

Tree removal

From small to big and tall.

Cement Ditch Tiles

Installation of 40 feet of 29-inch cement tiles for a driveway approach across a ditch.

Bass of a Retaining Wall; and
Decorative Rock Placement

On this job we dug for a retaining wall base and placed rocks as per homeowners direction.

Rock Ramp Retaining Wall

Ramp rock retaining wall for stone walk.

Demolition of
Old House and Steel Building

Old house and steel building demolition, then final grade of a yard.

Utilities Hook-ups


Mobile Home Dig-Out

Digging out around a mobile home so the owners could move it from its location.

Base Trench

A base trench, for a stackable retaining wall before the base rock, was put in.

Grade of a Yard
Future Home Site Prep
Dirt removal

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